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Policy Document


Excellence in profession invariably depends on the extent to which a person is acquainted, trained and outshined regarding the technical knowledge, methodologies and most recent developments in the field. Teachers are no exception but are entrusted with extra responsibility for professional excellence as they are expected to impart new knowledge and skill to the younger generation empowering them to meet the needs of the knowledge society. Institution acknowledges the fact and puts forward beneficial policies envisaging the need of teachers for professional development.


Management, Principal and all the teachers shall abide by the policy, and contribute towards the endeavour of the institution to ensure professional excellence and knowledge advancement among the teaching and student community of the College.

Custodian of the Policy

Principal, SreeNarayana College, Chempazhanthy shallhold the responsibility of implementing the policy, under the auspices and guidance from the Management of the College.


  • To motivate the teachers towards knowledge enhancement and skill acquisition.
  • To encourage the teachers to participate effectively in academic deliberations and research endeavours
  • To build up the professional efficiency of the human resource of the Institution.
  • To create a favourable environment facilitating enlightening interactions between teachers and students thereby promoting academic exposure and empowerment of the student community.
  • To facilitate the generation and dissemination of new scientific knowledge by teachers and students; beneficial to the goodwill, fame and reputation of the institution.


  • Teachers participating in National and Regional conferences/workshops shall be provided with financial assistance from the Management of the Institution.
  • Financial assistance shall be granted to teachers on yearly basis subject to the recommendation forwarded by the Principal.
  • Teachers aspiring for the grant are expected to submit their request duly stating the details of the conference with substantiating documentsprior to the date of the event and participation certificate has to be produced at the college office immediately after the participation.
  • Grant shall be distributed at the rate of Rs. 1000/- for National Conference/ Workshops and Rs. 500/- for Regional Conference/ Workshops.
  • Grant shall be provided to the eligible¬† teacher only once in a year, irrespective of the number of participations in Conference/ Workshops during the concerned period.
  • The institution expects the grant receiving teachers to disseminate the newly acquired knowledge among the student community and to promote their academic exposure and participation in research oriented activities.