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Club Activities

It is mandatory for every student in the third and fourth semester of FDP under CBCSS to participate in any one of the Social Service/Extension Activities of the college. It is compulsory for a student to secure a minimum of 40 hours of attendance for these activities failing which he/she may not be considered for graduation. The attendance of club activities shall be forwarded to the Controller of Examinations along with the statement of CE marks of 4th Semester. Our college offers the following club for the students to choose from and to engage themselves in co-curricular activities. Each club functions under the guidance of a Convener.

Mandatory Clubs under CBCSS during  2021-22
General Coordinator:  Dr. AravindThampi, Department of Psychology

Sl.No Club Convener Co-Conveners
1 Health Club Dr. Swapna S Dr. Suma B.S.
Dr. Sreeja P Sreedhar
Dr. HaripriyaAnand M
Dr.Lekha N B
2 Peoples Planning Forum Dr Kumar S P Dr. Suchithra Devi S
Mr Anup Arjunan Bahuleyan
Smt. Bijila B.R
DrAbisha R
3 Debate & Quiz Club Smt. Lilin V. Bhaskaran Dr. Sheela R. S
Smt. Jayasree K
Smt. Manu K.B
Dr. DhanyaShajin
4 Human Rights Forum DrRakheeVishwanbharan Dr. Suchithra Devi S
Dr. Saritha S.R                     
Dr.Prathiba P. R
DrPreetha Raj
5 Performing Arts Club Dr. Uthara Soman Dr.Ambili Raj D.B
Dr. Saritha S R
Smt. Aswathy S P
Smt. Lakshmi  A.J
6 Media Club Smt. Indu K Dr. Neelima S Saral
Smt. Lilin V Bhaskaran               
Smt. Liji L. T
SmtBhavya Prakash
Dr. Vipin C. Bose
7 Community Based Activities (SreeNarayana Study Centre) Dr Vysakh A S Dr. Usha S S
Dr. Sreeja P. Sreedhar
Smt. Lilin V. Bhaskaran
Dr.Anjana R
Smt. Liji L. T
8 Sports Club Mr. Sujith Prabhakar Sri Vipin C Bose
Smt. Bhavya Prakash
Mr. Jijo T R
9 Science Club SmtVeena V S Dr. Suma B. S
Dr. HaripriyaAnand M
Dr. Sreeja P. Sreedhar
Dr. Ajilal P
Dr.Saji S
10 Nature Club Dr Suma B S Dr. Usha S.S
Dr. Kavitha K R
Dr. Sivakala S
Dr. Swapna S
11 Theatre Club Dr Neelima S Saral Smt. Julie P. S
Smt. Lakshmi Priya P. S
Smt. Bhavya Prakash
Mr. Jijo T R
12 Planning Forum Dr Kumar S P Dr Joshi P M
Smt. Aiswarya A. S
SmtVeena C
13 Vimukthi
(Kerala state mission for de-addiction)
Smt Aiswarya A S Dr VidiaPanicker
Dr Suma BS
Dr Saritha S.R
Smt Bijila BR
Dr.Abisha R
Dr S. Saji
14 Gandhian Study Centre Dr Giftson A W Dr.Nishima J.S
Smt. RakheeViswambharan
Smt. Aiswarya A.S
Dr Sujatha K S
15 Literary Club Dr Sheela R S Dr.Neelima S. Saral
Dr Angitha Ram V
Smt Lakshmipriya
16 Women’s Study Unit Dr. M. S VidiaPanicker Dr. Kavitha  K R
Dr. Suma BS
Smt. Manu K. B.
Dr Angitha Ram V
Smt. Veena V.S

Social Service and Extension Activities Reports

Sasthrajalakam - a new initiative by the General Education Department and the State Institute of Education Technology (SIET)

We were proud to co-ordinate Sasthrajalakam programme, a new initiative by the General Education Department and the State Institute of Education Technology (SIET) at our college, Sree Narayana College, Chempazhanthy from January 5th to 7th, 2019. It was a joint venture organised for the scientific enrichment of the 9th standard students from various government schools.

The programme was inaugurated on January 5th, 2019 by the Hon. Devaswom, Tourism and Co-operation Minister, Sri. Kadakampally Surendran at 11 a.m in the College Seminar Hall. About thirty one students from various Govt. Schools of Thiruvananthapuram district, provisionally selected based on the Talent hunt test conducted by the SIET were registered to participate in the second phase of Sasthrajalakam held in our college. The inauguration started with the prayer. The inaugural ceremony was welcomed by, Dr. S. R. Jitha, Principal, Sree Narayana College, Chempazhanthy. The function was presided over by the Director of SIET, Sri. Aburaj who explained the needs and deeds, aims and functions of SIET. The Key note address was given by Prof. V. P. Mahadevan Pillai, Vice Chancellor, Kerala University who explained the science behind every natural phenomena. Felicitations were given by Dr. Kavitha K. R., Syndicate Member, University of Kerala; Dr. P. S. Anjana, District co-ordinator of Sasthrajalakam 2018-19; Dr. Rakhee A. S., IQAC Co-ordinator. As a token of appreciation, mementos were presented to our Chief Guests, Sri. Kadakampally Surendran and Prof.V. P. Mahadevan Pillai. The vote of Thanks was proposed by Ms. Aswathy S. P., Asst. Prof in Chemistry ( Programme Co-ordinator, Sasthrajalakam 2018-19).

Report of the SASTHRAJALAKAM 2018-19
Career Guidance and Placement cell

The Career Guidance Cell of our college organized a series of programmes during the academic year 2020-21 for the all round career development of the students.

  Annual Report 2020-21
  Annual Report 2019-20
  Annual Report 2018-19
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  Annual Report 2016-17
Performing Arts Club

The Performing Arts club organized a brief portray on ‘Kerala Nadanam’ and live demonstration on Customary practice of ‘Hasthamudras’ by Smt Rajani Vijayam as the resource person. Smt Rajani Vijayam is working as: Teacher at Chinmaya Vidyala, Kunnumpuramsince past 5 years, Proprietor and teacher at Naatyathi School of Dance since past 10 years, 1 st Rank holder, Bachelor of Performing Arts, Swathy Tirunal Music College, Thiruvananthapuram.ans Trained in Mohiniyattom, bharathanatyam and Kerala Nadanam. The program was conducted in online platform on 30.03.2021 11:00 am.

  Annual Report 2020-21
  Annual Report 2019-20
  Annual Report 2018-19
  Annual Report 2017-18
  Annual Report 2016-17

Debate and Quiz Club

Debate and Quiz Club of Sree Narayana College Chempazhanthy, is a regular and active group consisting of teachers and students. The club organizes Debate and quiz competitions for students of Sree Narayana College Chempazhanthy, for improving the soft skills, communication skills, Knowledge enhancement, etc. The Club takes special interest in identifying special talents in this area and provides all the encouragements to students in further polishing these skills.

Annual Report 2021-22
Annual Report 2018-19

Planning Forum and Peoples Planning Forum

Planning Forum
The planning forum is an academic platform for the students to ensure enrichment of knowledge in the field of Economics. It aims to encourage students to exchange ideas on socio economic issues and to update themselves with the latest developments in policy analysis. The main objective of the planning forum is to develop plan consciousness among the students. Planning Forum also aims to organize the discussion of Five Year plans and day to day
economic policies adopted by the Government.

Peoples Planning Forum
The Peoples Planning Forum is a mandatory club activity of the college and its aim is to create an awareness regarding the importance of local level planning. Planning from below is an educational process especially in villages. So students must know about various aspects of decentralized planning and its merits and defects.

Annual Report 2021-22

Science Club

Objectives Of Science club of Sree Narayana College Chempazhanthy is to

  • To acquire basic knowledge of Science.
  • To develop a scientific way of learning.
  • To develop awareness of & concern for scientific issues in personal, social, environmental and technological contexts.
Annual Report 2021-22
Annual Report 2017-18
Annual Report 2016-17