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Institutional Distinctiveness

The vision and mission of the institution are anchored in the revolutionary and liberating  philosophy and praxis of SreeNarayana Guru. The college strives to strengthen the revolution through education and incorporate modern values to mould a progressive cultural Kerala as embodied in his teaching” Realise Emancipation through Education”. This educational institution thrives to disseminate the universal philosophy of SreeNarayana Guru throughout the world, assimilating appropriate developments at the scientific and pragmatic level along with its epistemic manifestations .The institution loudly and clearly proclaims its humanism as epitomised in the Guru’s call of ‘One Caste, One Religion, One God’ for the human kind.

The institution envisions to educate the students to ensure their all-round development and to create an egalitarian society. The institution has taken up as its responsibility , the mission to liberate the society from the shackles of all sorts of evils and to uplift the socially and economically weaker sections of the society by empowering them through high quality education.The institution aims to bring up generations of youth with egalitarian outlook, progressive attitude, value based life, patriotism and service mentality.

Being  socially responsible citizens all students in the college donated to the flood relief fund. The  final year students  of the department  of Psychology and  Sociology , and the NSS volunteers  visited the flood affected areas in Chengannur  and Pathanamthitta  district and also they were participated in the relief activities of that region. In association with NSS unit of our College ,the students collected food items and other necessary materials The NSS Unit of SN College Chempazhanthy conducted two main flood relief activities.


Annual Quality Assurance Report For The Period 2017-18
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Annual Quality Assurance Report For The Period 2016-17
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Academic Performance Indicators-API
Annual Self-Assessment for the Performance Based Appraisal System (PBAS): DOC | PDF
Academic Performance Indicator(API) Dated 04.11.2015: PDF
Academic Performance Indicator(API) Dated 18.11.2015: PDF

NAAC - Affiliated College Manual, 31 jul 2017
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Annual Quality Assurance Report For The Period 2015-16
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'Congratulations to Dr.Swapna Gopinath, Associate Professor, Department of English, for securing UGC Research Award in 2015 for completing Post Doctoral Research during 2016-18.'

Academic Auditing

an orientation programme by Dr.R.Selvam,
Former Dean of Sciences & Former HOD of Zoology, Bishop Herber College (Autonomous), Trichy & External Academic Auditor.
Organised by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Sree Narayana College, Chempazhanthy.

Internal Quality Assurance (IQAC)Sree Narayana College Chempazhanthy
Orientation Class on Best Practices in Quality Higher Education

by Dr. Gabriel Simon Thattil
(Former Director, IQAC, University of Kerala)
on 28.10.2015 at seminar hall

Enhancing Employability of Students of Sree Narayana College Chempazhanthy

A motivation class by
Dr. N.R. Unnikrishna Kartha Ph.D, MBA,, M.Sc (Engg)
(Faculty Consultant & Teacher in HRM & TQM)
On 26.10.2015 Monday
Organized by International Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in Association with Career Guidance Cell


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University Grants Commission Research Project for Teachers

XII Plan guidelines (2012-2017)
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University Grants Commission Minor Research Project for Teachers

XII Plan guidelines (2012-2017)
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Orientation class for Teachers by Dr.Simon Thattil, Former Director, IQAC, UoK

Class on Academic Auditing by Dr.R.Selvam

Lab-to-Land program of 'New Initiatives of IQAC'

Orientation class on NAAC re-accreditation by Dr.S.V Sudheer organised by IQAC on 19/09/2014.