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Frequently Asked Questions (F A Q)

Does the college monitor the overall performance of students?
The performance of students is monitored through periodic test papers, assignments, mid-term and model examinations. The results of various examinations are communicated to students and parents. The results are analysed at tutorial sessions and class-wise parent teacher interactions. The parents are apprised of the performance and behaviour of their wards during such sessions.

Does the college follow the self appraisal method to evaluate the performance of the faculty in teaching and research?
A specified format for self appraisal is made available to all teachers. The Principal and Heads of the Departments examine the self appraisal of teachers and give necessary suggestions. We encourage teachers to participate in Orientation/Refresher courses to update their knowledge and to satisfy the requirements of career advancement. Maximum number of teachers is deputed to undergo FIP leading to PhD degree. Self appraisal report is mandatory at the time of placement to Lecturer Senior Scale/Lecturer Selection Grade/ Reader.

Does the college collect the student evaluation on campus experience?

Students are directed to express their opinion in respect of campus life and college administration. A proforma is distributed among final year degree and PG students and the data obtained is classified and analysed and the drawbacks, if any, are rectified considering suggestions from the respondents.
Give details of the hostel facilities available in the campus?
At present no hostel facilities are available in the campus. Students are now residing in private hostels approved by the Principal, in the neighbouring locality. The college has submitted a proposal for the construction of a women’s hostel which is under consideration of the UGC.

What are the healthy practices of your institution?
(1) Regular test papers, mid-term and model examinations are conducted every year.
(2) The counseling centre conducts awareness programmes regularly.
(3) Provides facilities for Psychological test to strengthen the mental health of the students.
(4) Our tutorial system facilitates close interaction between the teacher and the students.
(5) The students’ feed back data are analysed and the drawbacks, if any, are rectified considering suggestions from the respondents.
(6) The admission process is fully computerized.
(7) Regular classes on the cultural heritage of our land, moral values and ethics are conducted.
(8) News paper cuttings of significant events are displayed on the department notice board.
(9) Sree Narayana Study Centre conducts programmes to enlighten the students and staff on human values, morality, disciplined life and the philosophy and works of Sree Narayana Guru.
(10) Department wise cultural, intellectual and curriculum clubs conduct programme which cater to the moral growth of the students.
(11) NSS units have set up a garden of medicinal plants in the campus.
(12) The regular activities of the NCC include parades, camps, expedition etc.
(13) Human Rights Forum enlightens the students and staff of their rights, privileges and duties.
(14) The Planning Forum teaches the students the rudiments and importance of planning in all walks of life.
(15) Discussions, seminars and symposia on curricular topics, public issues, current affairs, etc are regularly conducted generally and department wise.
(16) The Literary and Debating Club helps to develop the communication skills and strengthen the literary inclinations of students.
(17) The Books Club of the college is constituted to develop reading habit, to encourage students’ talents in writing and to develop aesthetic skills of the students.
(18) The Women’s Study Centre aims at changing the present social attitudes regarding women’s role in the society and their rights to equal participation with men in all fields of life.
(19) The objective of the Grievance Redressal Cell is the smooth functioning of the college by solving problems of every sort.
(20) A food festival is conducted during onam celebrations, with various departments competing among themselves to sell the food items they prepare in the campus itself.
(21) Students organize an Annual Film Festival where well – acclaimed films were shown.
(22) Messages, instructions and informations are sent to al classes at once from the Principal’s office through the public address system.
(23) An orientation programme known as Know your college is conducted every year for the Ist year degree students to introduce several aspects of college life.