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'Enlighten Through Education'

  • Regular attendance is compulsory. Students have to get prior permission for leave with leave form duly countersigned by the guardian or parent.
  • Teachers mark the attendance at the beginning of each period. If a student is absent for one period in a session, it will be treated as half day’s absence and for another period in the next session same day
    will be treated as one full day’s absence. Every working day, irrespective of the working periods, shall be considered as a full working day. Late comers may be given attendance as per the discretion of
    teacher concerned.
  • At the end of each term or at the beginning of the following term, a list will be put up on the general Notice Board, showing the number of days of attendance lost by each student till then.
  • The Annual Certificate for Attendance and Progress required for promotion and for admission to the University Examination will not be granted unless-
    • The student has at least 75% of the attendance prescribed by the University for the course.
    • The student has completed the course of instruction to the satisfaction of the authorities.
    • His/her progress in studies and conduct has been satisfactory.