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Policy Document


The Institution has designed an E- Governance Policy with the primary objective of implementing e-governance in various operations, transactions and services of the institution. It is aspired to create a conducive environment for ensuring efficiency, transparency and accountabilityespecially with regard to the administration of office and strengthening of student database in departments.  Introduction of e-governance shall make the academic and administrative environment,responsive and sensitive to individualized needs, helping the institution to offer better services to students, teachers and community.This policy shall apply to the Administration, Finance and Accounts, Student Admission and Support and Examination Processes of the institution.

The policy shall create a barrier free environment in the institution in rendering services related to General Administration, Student Admission, Examination and attendance, Staff Management, Accounts and Finance, Result Analysis& Report and Parent Login facility.

Custodian of the Policy:
Head of the institution, Internal Quality Assurance Cell,Administrative staff and Head of the departments are the custodian of the policy which shall be beneficially utilized in providing administrative and student centric services effectively.

  • To promote transparency and accountability in the functioning of the college.
  • To create a paperless office environment, in tune with environment conservation and the green initiatives of the institution.
  • To provide easy and quick access to information
  • To provide simpler and efficient system of governance within and outside the institution.
  • To move in pace with the technologically advanced administrative initiatives taken up by the University, Government and UGC.

MOU shall be signed with the service providing agency regarding e-governance and after issuing the payment required for initiation of the service, annual maintenance charges shall be paid by the institution on time to ensure uninterrupted services.

The e- governance policy shall focus and covervarious areas of operation offered by the software as follows:

  • Studentoriented services
    Admission Register and Other Details with Photograph, Identity Card, Detailed Student Reports
  • Enquiry
    Enquiry for admission and follow up
  • Student Talents
    Achievements in sports and extra-curricular activities
  • Certificates
    Issue of Transfer, Course and Conduct Certificates
  • Student Diary
    Student history and categorized &date wise remarks
  • Staff
    Staff register,staff details,department wise list,staff reports
  • Staff Diary
    Categorized & date wise remarks/ reports
  • College Calendar
    General informative calendar, day-to-day activity calendar, academic calendar, reminders and other reports
  • System Administration
    User management access, permissions and restrictions, automatic and manual backup options
  • Attendance
    Staff & student attendance, easy hourlyattendance, shortage list, reports on staff and students.
  • College Mobile Attendance App.
    Login for each teacher, login for administrator, import option
  • Tabulation
    Mark entry, progress report with attendance, consolidated reports analysis reports, internal assessment reports with analysis graphs
  • Fees Collection and Billing
    Fees scheduling, reservation, exemption, discounts, student liabilities, caution money, fees collection & billing, University fees & College fees, Fees collection report and defaulters list, due list and other reports
  • SMS Module Provision
    For sending sms to guardian’s mobile regarding general information, fees, attendance, performance, diary reports.
  • Parent Login (Web based)
    Personal profile, student diary attendance, result tabulation, email to college, sms from college.

Custodians of the policy are bound to improvise/update/reinstall the software options based on timely needs and requirements.