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Policy Document


The Persons with Disabilities Act 1995 indicates that differently-abled persons should have access to education at all levels. In accordance with the Higher Education for Persons with Special Needs scheme started by the University Grants Commission during the Ninth Five-Year Plan, the institution endeavours to provide favourable infrastructure to differently- abled students and to create a conducive environment to enrich the higher education experiences of differently abled persons or Divyangjans. Realising the social benefits of inclusivity, the institution works on facilitating inclusion of students with disabilities and making their learning environment accessible and sensitive to their individualized needs, reinforcing their confidence, dignity and quality of life.


The policy shall construct a barrier free environment that is conducive to their growth as students and professionals; it will also facilitate an inclusive culture in the campus with reference to students with disabilities, and also promote their living and learning with comfort and dignity.

Custodian of the Policy

The heads of the departments, tutors and teachers shall ensure the implementation of the policy with regard to the curricular and co-curricular experiences of Divyangjan students. The administrative staff and the management shall work towards the improvement of the infrastructural and learning facilities in the college under the guidance of the Principal.


  • To ensure maintenance of a Divyangjan friendly learning atmosphere in the campus.
  • To provide guidance and counselling to differently abled students.
  • To create awareness about the needs of differently abled persons, and other general issues concerning their learning.
  • To assist differently-abled students to gain successful employment in the public as well as private sectors.
  • To ensure admission of as many differently-abled students as possible in the institution.


  • Admission of differently-abled students in various courses shall be facilitated and encouraged.
  • Guidance and counselling shall be provided to differently abled individuals, to guarantee their academic, psychological and emotional well-being.
  • Differently-abled students shall be assisted through career guidance and counselling to gain successful employment in the public as well as private sectors.
  • Government and University orders dealing with fee concessions, examination procedures, reservation policies, etc., pertaining to differently-abled students shall be congregated regularly, and timely action would be undertaken to ensure the implementation of the same.
  • The educational needs of differently abled students shall be assessed to determine the types of assistive devices to be procured.
  • The aptitude of differently-abled students in various fields shall be identified, and adequate motivation and coaching will be provided to hone their skills.
  • Students shall be given awareness regarding the psychological, physical and emotional needs of Divyangjan students to inculcate the qualities of tolerance and inclusivity in them.
  • Awareness programmes shall be conducted for teachers about the approaches to teaching, evaluation procedures, etc, which they should adopt in the case of differently abled students.
  • It shall be ensured that all existing structures as well as future construction projects in the campus are made disabled friendly.
  • Special facilities such as ramps, rails and special toilets shall be installed, and other necessary changes shall be made to suit the special needs of differently-abled students.
  • Special learning equipment and software (such as screen reading software in the library) shall be installed and used to augment the learning experience of students with special needs.
  • Assistance provided by the Institution to the differently abled students shall include Ramps & Railings, Assistance for Learning Resources, Medical Assistance, Human Assistance, Scribe facilities and wheel chair friendly Washrooms.Display boards exhibiting the facilities shall be fixed at prime pointsfor information and enquiry.
  • Sensitization and training at various levels for various stakeholders especially peers, teachers and staff shall be ensured in order to better accommodate the needs of differently abled students.