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Policy Document


Gender sensitization is a basic requirement to understand the sensitive needs of all genders. It helps us to examine our perspectives and question the so-called ‘realities’ that we have believed for long. The need for this sensitivity has been felt and realised more and more over the years, across the globe. Recent discourses focus upon the need to sensitise gender issues on campus as education is believed to be the catalyst for change. Educational spaces have the power to instil progressive thoughts in young minds, and thus mould dignified individuals who believe in equity and equality among all beings.


All students, teachers, teaching and non-teaching staff shall abide by the policy, and contribute towards the endeavour of the institution to ensure equality among all genders.

Custodian of the Policy

Gender Sensitization Committee, All Department heads and the Women’s Study Unit shall hold the responsibility of implementing the policy, under the guidance of the Principal.


  • To sensitize the students on the issue of gender discrimination.
  • To familiarise the constitutional measures for gender equality to students and staff
  • To create a teaching-learning-working environment which upholds the rights and freedom of all genders.
  • Ensuring equity in opportunity to female and transgender students, teachers and staff and preventing any kind of abuse in the name of gender.


  • Equal opportunities shall be provided to male, female and transgender students and staff.
  • The Internal Complaints Committee, Grievance Redressal Cell and Anti Ragging Cell will work stringently on the guidelines set by the UGC and the University to curb and take timely action against any form of violence against female students and staff.
  • Orientation programmes shall be conducted by the departments and various clubs and committees under the leadership of Gender Sensitization Committee and Women Study Cell to impart awareness regarding gender sensitivity.
  • Women empowerment activities shall be conducted by the Women’s Study Unit.
  • Higher representation of girl students shall be promoted in admissions to undergraduate and postgraduate courses. A higher female ratio in teaching staff also shall be appreciated.
  • A higher female representation shall be ensured strictly in the College Union Election abiding to University norms. One representative from each class will compulsorily be a female student.
  • Female students shall be encouraged to continue their studies after marriage, and ample motivation and assistance shall be provided to students during and after maternity period.
  • Anti-Dowry campaigns and awareness classes shall be periodically conducted in association with forums of expertise for boys and girls.
  • Psychological counselling shall be provided to female students and staff in need in order to ensure proper mental health and happiness.