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Policy Document


For a higher education institution to remain competitive and keep up with the fast-paced changes, it is essential to ensure the qualitative growth and maintenance of its facilities. Facilities in the college, consisting of the infrastructure, space and material amenities, constitute a suitable environment for education and research purposes which is the main objective of an educational institution. Improving and maintaining these facilities in an optimal state, reduces the operating costs and enhances the teaching-learning process.


The policy shall form the guidelines for the timely management and improvisation of infrastructure of the college. All stakeholders- students, teachers, administrative staff, parents and the management shall comply with the policy for maintaining the teaching-learning environment in optimum quality.

Custodian of the Policy

Various facility maintenance bodies such as Hostel committee, Library Committee, Canteen committee, Health and fitness club, Medical assistance committee and Technology monitoring committee together with Parent Teacher Association, Heads of the various departments and the administrative staff shall coordinate the maintenance, purchase and improvement of facility, under the guidelines recommended by the Principal and the management.


  • To activate an effective scheme for the planning, organizing, decision-making, co-ordination and controlling of the learner centric physical environment of the campus.
  • To implement safe and cost-effective use of infrastructural facilities in the campus, guaranteeing the physical and financial wellbeing of the institution.
  • Reducing wastage and damage of existing resources, and promoting recycling so as to ensure an orderly and instructionally supportive learning environment.

General Policies

Students should:

  • Be cautious while handling chemicals, glassware and equipment in laboratories, and return these to the teacher/ staff in charge after use.
  • Take care not to cause any damage to books and periodicals while using the general and department library.
  • Keep the rooms and premises of the hostel clean and undamaged.
  • Maintain walls, furniture and electrical fixtures in classrooms neat and intact.
  • Use the equipment in the health and fitness centre with discretion and care, only during the attendance of the Physical Education teacher or staff.
  • Ensure proper cleanliness of toilets after each use; the incinerator near the girls’ toilet should be used with care, ask help from teacher/ staff if unsure of the working of the machine.
  • Attend programmes conducted in the college Auditorium with the temperament of responsible and law-abiding citizens, keep the furniture and surroundings clean and intact.
  • Recognise and maintain the formal gravity and academic importance of the Seminar Hall, and attend meetings, seminars and talks without causing any harm to the furniture, technological devices, electrical equipments, and fixtures.
  • Use the drinking water facilities provided in the campus neatly without damage to the fixtures, and avoid leakage and wastage of water.
  • Care for the campus greenery and landscape, and participate wholeheartedly in its maintenance when required. Do not destroy plants, trees or grass lawns. Help the administration in providing an eco-friendly learning environment.
  • Make use of the Students’ Parking facility with caution and care.
  • Keep the College Ground and the Volley Ball Court clean and intact.
  • Regard campus facilities as their learning environment
  • Treat all facilities with respect and utmost care
  • Consent to any disciplinary action taken in case of him/her being found guilty of damaging the facilities in the college

Teaching and Non-teaching staff should

  • Educate students on how to treat facilities properly
  • Recognise the fact that facility maintenance supports student learning
  • Treat facilities with respect and care
  • Help the administration in facility management through proper maintenance of stock inventory and annual stock verification

Parents and Community members should

  • Recognise that facilities create conducive learning environment for future citizens
  • Respect decision making regarding maintenance of facilities in college
  • Consent and contribute to maintenance of facilities, financially or otherwise in the best possible manner, when requested.

Specific Policies for Academic Facilities

Laboratory Facility

  • The Principal is the primary custodian who can allocate the charge to respective HoDs.
  • The HoDs coordinate the upkeep of instruments and equipment in the laboratories with the
  • assistance of the Lab Assistant. They maintain a stock register for the equipment used in the laboratories which is inspected annually by an internal committee composed of teaching faculty nominated by the Principal.
  • The equipment and instruments are maintained by the lab assistant with the advice of HoD
  • Instruments are calibrated and serviced routinely.
  • Periodic reporting on requirements of repairs and maintenance are submitted by the HoDs to the Principal

Classroom Facility

  • The HoDs are assigned the responsibility of the smooth functioning of classrooms.
  • The classroom furniture is checked/ repaired regularly.
  • The general maintenance problems are reported to the HoDs which are to be noted in the complaint register and are rectified within 24 hrs.

ICT Facilities

  • The IT policy of the college is meant to support and facilitate all the functions of the college providing Wi-Fi, Cyber security along with licensed software for better performance and flexibility.
  • Principal is the primary custodian of the ICT equipment who can allocate the charge to the respective HoDs.
  • The list of ICT assets is recorded in the central stock register maintained by the Principal.
  • A departmental stock register is maintained for all ICT assets allocated to the department which is verified annually by an internal committee constituted for the same.
  • Damages or problems with the working of ICT equipment are reported to the Principal and is recorded in the maintenance and repair register and are to be rectified within 48 hrs.
  • The cost of damages caused to equipment by wilful negligence and carelessness will be met by the concerned party.
  • Annual maintenance of the hardware and software is carried out using general maintenance funds.

 Sports Facility

  • The Physical Education Faculty looks after the various grounds/courts and sports facilities on campus.
  • Periodic reporting on requirements of repairs/maintenance of all things can be submitted by
  • students/faculty in the maintenance request-register.
  • Sports equipment is periodically repaired.
  • First-aid kits are always available for any emergency in storeroom.