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Students having the qualification prescribed by the University of Kerala are eligible for admission. The University of Kerala conducts admissions under different quota such as open merit, sports, SC/ST and Persons with Disabilities category for all the programmes of affiliated colleges through a centralized online admission system. The University and the institution notify the dates of application, allotments and admission details through the website and media. An admission committee is constituted with Principal as the Chairman and a senior faculty as Convener along with all HODs as members for the smooth conduct of the admission process. Reservation criteria are fulfilled in accordance with the stipulations made by the Government of Kerala

Fee Structure
Tuition fee will be collected in two installments, semester wise. Special fees, caution deposit etc shall be paid in lumpsum at the time of admission together with the first instalment of tuition fee. Tuition fee is
payable on the due dates pescribed. If any students fails to pay fees on the due date he/she shall be liable to pay the fees along with a fine of Rs. 10/- on or before the due date. Defaulter will be removed from the rolls.

B.A. Degree - Registration Fee Rs.50/-, Caution Deposit- Rs.360/-, Special Fee per annum. Rs.500/- Tuition Fee Per annum Rs.1000/-, University Fee Rs. 760/-

B. Sc. Degree - Registration Fee Rs.50/-, Caution Deposit- Rs.360/-, Special Fee per annum. Rs.1050/- (Except Mathematics& Geology Rs. 650/-) Tuition Fee Per annum Rs.1000/-, University Fee Rs. 760/-

B. Com. Degree - Registration Fee Rs.50/-, Caution Deposit- Rs.360/- , Special Fee per annum. Rs.500/- Tuition Fee Per annum Rs.1000/-, University Fee Rs. 760/-

M.A & MSc. Degree - Registration Fee Rs.50/-, Caution Deposit- Rs.600/, Special Fee per annum for M.A Rs.570/- and for M.Sc Rs. 1770/- Tuition Fee Per annum Rs.1800/-, University Fee Rs. 710/-

Above mentioned fees are subject to periodical revisions by Government/ University.

Fee Concession
Students belonging to SC/ST/OBC/SEBC are eligible for fee concession. Concessions will also be available to forward community (FC) students as per provisions of the Kumara Pillai Commission Report. (Annual
income limited to Rs. 1,00,000/- for UG and for PG). Students eligible for fee concession shall submit applications to the Principal within 15 days of their admission.

Caution Deposit
As per GO. M.S. No. 58/75/H.Edn. dated 04-04-1975, every student except SC/ST and OEC shall pay the caution deposit prescribed for each course. At the end of the course of study the caution deposit will be refunded on receipt of application, after deducting dues if any.

Issue of Transfer And Conduct Certificate
Transfer Certificate: A student applying for a T.C. shall not be given the certificate except on payment of all fees or other money due or such portion thereof as the principal may see fit to demand for the academic year in which the student was last enrolled.

Transfer Certificates of students who have appeared for a University Examination will ordinarily be issued to them only after the publication of the result of the examination.

Late applicants have to pay a penalty Rs.50/- and a fee of Rs.100/- will be charged for the issue of a duplicate of Transfer Certificate.

Conduct Certificate: Any student who leaves the college without the written permission of the principal before completing his/her course will not be issued a certificate of character. Any student who discontinues his/ her study in the college without returning book issued to him/her or without
paying any arrears or other dues shall receive no certificate of character or any other certificate. A fee of Re. 10/- one will be charged for the issue of certificates from the college.

College Office Hours
The College Office Functions from 9.30 a.m to 4.30 p.m on all working days.


  • Timeliness : Students must follow the calendar of working days and the time schedule of the College.
  • Sincerity : Attend every class with attitude and aptitude.
  • Cleanliness: Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Keep the campus clean. Don’t throw any waste in the campus. Use dustbins for the purpose.
  • Discipline : After the first bell in the morning, every student must be in the classroom. Observe silence during prayer. Keep silence in the library. Learn to give respect and take respect.
  • Modesty : Maintain modesty in dress. Utilise library during lunch break and free hours. Actively participate in the extra-curricular activities like NSS, NCC, Clubs, Associations, etc. Encourage parents to visit the College periodically. Park bicycles, Motor bikes etc. in the area provided. Pay attention to the notifications appearing on the notice boards.