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Research Projects

Ongoing Minor Research Projects

Sl No

Principal Coordinator




Sreenish T.V

Political Science

Impact of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFP) on the Socio- Economic condition of Kanikkars Life: A Study among Kanikkar at Agasthyamala Forest Region


Uttara Soman


Social & psychological dimensions of orphanage inmates: A study conducted in Sree Chithra Poor Home, Thiruvananthapuram


Anjana V


Shock detection in Indian Stock Sensex by conditional  heteroscedastic models


Mahesh. S


Hindi Adhayan Adhayapanke Sandharbume Ganana Mulak Bhasha Vignan: (Computational Linguistics) Eke Adhayan.




Factors influencing increased alcoholism and mental illness among adivasis (tribals) of Kerala and remedial measures.


Shibi I.G


Physicochemical Evaluation of Some Metal Based Traditional Medicines.




Lewis Addcts Co-crystals and their metal complexes-Molecular Engineering, structural studies and screening for pharmaceutical applications.


Reena Ravindran


Studies on metal-organic frameworks of some heterocyclic compounds.




Microstructural analysis of pollen and genetic diversity study in species of Jasminum L. from Kerala using RAPD markers.

Faculty members who were awarded Ph.D degree

Name of Faculty Member Department Year Topic for Research
Sri Vinod C Sugathan, Economics 2014-15 Socio - Economic Impact of Sustainable Tourism on Local Economy.
Smt Praseetha N.C, History 2014-15 Women's Education in Malabar 1885-1947;
Smt. Suma B.S. Botany 2013-14 Floristic and Ecological Studies on Algae of Polluted Waters in and Around Chavara Industrial Area
Smt. S. Girijakumari Malayalam 2013-14 Sociological Criticism in Malayalam - A Study Based on Joseph Mundassery, Kuttipuzha Krishna Pillai & Thayattu Sankaran
Smt. G. Lillybai Physics 2013-14 Non-linear Optical Properties of Certain Halides and Tartarates
Smt. Roshini C. English 2013-14 Mother Tongue Interference in the Pronunciation of English : A Study Based on the Undergraduate Students in Kerala
Smt. K.P Jayasree Chemistry 2013-14 Effect of Protic and Aprotic Solvent Mixtures on the Kinetics of Solvolysis of Aliphatic Acid Chlorides
Smt. Mini Anand English 2013-14 Electronic Media and English Language Acquisition in Semiliterates
Smt. Saritha S.R. History 2013-14 Colonialism and Modernization; History and Development of Southern Railways, A Case Study

Faculty as Members in Board of Study/Curriculam Development Workshop

Sl.No Name of Faculty Position held University
1 Dr.Kiron Vasudevan Member,BOS - Aquatic Biology & Fisheries (PG) Kerala
2 Dr,Lekha K Nayar Member, BOS - History (PG) Kerala
3 Dr. P.S.Vijayanatharaj Member, BOS - Political Science Kerala
4 Dr.Beena.D Member, BOS - Electronics Kerala
5 Smt R.K Sreelatha Member, BOS - Geology Kerala
6 Dr.K.L Vivekanandan Chairman, BOS - Geology Kerala
7 Dr.I.G Shibi Member, BOS - Chemistry (PG) Fatima Mata National College (Autonomous) Kollam
8 Dr.Reena Ravindran Member, BOS - Chemistry (UG) Fatima Mata National College (Autonomous) Kollam
9 Capt.Dr.S.S.Baiju Member, BOS - Phy.Education Kerala
10 Dr.Manu Remakant Member, Faculty of Arts Kerala
11 Dr Aravind Thampi Member, BOS-Psychology Sree Sankara University, Kalady & M.G University, Kottayam
12 Dr.Vinod C.Sugathan Member, BOS-Economics Kerala
13 Dr.A.S.Rakhee Member, BOS-Psychology Kerala
14 Dr. Ajilal.P Member, BOS-Psychology Kerala
15 Smt.N.B Lekha Member, BOS-Sociology Kerala
16 Dr. J.S Nishima Member, BOS-Psychology Kerala

Participation in Faculty Development Programs

Number of faculty benefitted Department Faculty Development Programs Duration
Dr Uttara Soman Sociology Special Summer School at ASC Kariavattom 30.7.14 - 19.8.14
Smt.Sini.V Malayalam Refresher Course at ASC Kariavattom 13.8.14 - 2.9.14
Dr. Anjana R Psychology Orientation course at ASC Kariavattom 14.10.2014-10.11.2014
Smt Lekha N.B Sociology Special Winter School at ASC Kariavattom 28.11.14 - 18.12.14
Smt. Julie P.S English Faculty Training Programme by State Higher Education Council 25.11.14 - 28.11.14
Sri. Sreenish T.V Political Science Workshop on Academic Writings and Publishing by KSHEC 24.10.14 - 25.10.14
Smt.Bijili B.R  Mathematics UGC-FIP deputation for Ph.D 2014-2016
Smt. Raji Raveendran Economics UGC-FIP deputation for Ph.D 2014-2016
Sri. Sreenish T.V Political Science Induction Training for FLAIR program of Higher Education Department of Govt. of Kerala 5.11.2014 to 7.11.2014

Ongoing Ph.D Research Programme under various Rresearch Guides of the college

Name of research guide Name of Research Scholar Topic for Research
Dr C.G Usha,
Dept of History
Shibu T. Dalit Movements in Kerala since 1947
Dr Lekha K Nayar,
Dept of History
Vivek Varghese Historicizing Psychiatric Practices: A Reading of Early Lunatic Asylums in Colonial Kerala 1866-1947
Sreepriya S.P. The Space of EMS Namboodiripad as a Historian-A Critical Re-reading
Binnie Mathew Second World War and Travancore : A Historical Interrogation
Nikhil M.C. Conceptualising Media Intervention in Various Dalit Agitations across Kerala [2000-2010]
Bini  T.K. Historicizing the Independent Travancore Imbroglio
Dr. G.Sreenivasan,
Dept. of History
Sujeesh Kumar C. Initiation and Assimilation of Homeopathy in Kerala: A Historical Interrogation
Giftson A.W. Historicising the Activities of the London Missionary Society-Parasala and Social Change in South Travancore
Dr.Vijayanath Raj,
Dept of Political Science
Smt. Ambika V. Revolutionary Socialist Party and the Cashew and Fishing Communities of Kollam
Smt. Raziya Beegum M. Violence against Women in Kerala: A Study of Jaagritha Samiti
Dr I.G Shibi,
Dept of Chemistry
Jisha R.S. Physico-chemical and Insilico Analysis of Some Traditional Indian Medicines
Jaikumar S. Physico-chemical and Insilico Analysis for Evaluating the Druggability of Some Ayurveda and Siddha Medicinal Preparations
Aswathy L. Analytical and Computational Methods to Validate Some Traditional Indian Medicines
Dr Suma.S,
Dept of Chemistry
Nisha S. Kumar Studies on Metal Complexes of Semicarbazones
Asha A. Metal Complexes of Schiff Bases
Binimol Mary Mathew Preparation, Characterization and Structural Studies of Some Lewis Acid-Base Adducts and Cocrystals
Suji C.S. Crystal Growth and Structural Studies of Metal Complexes for Technological Applications
Anju Mary Jacob (CSIR-JRF) Preparation and Evaluation of Metal Cross-Linked Chitosan Beads for Drug Delivery Application
Reshmi Jaya Raveendran Studies on Metal Complexes of Pyrazolone Derivatives
Jiju K.R. Metal Complexes of Imidazol and Hydrazones
Dr Reena Ravindran,
Dept of Chemistry
Bijili B.K Studies on Metal Complexes with ONS Donor Ligands
Minitha.R Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Complexes of Hydrazones
Arulja Mohan Studies on Some Metal Complexes of N-Heterocyclic Compounds For Photophysical Applications
Roshni Thomas Studies On Spectral And Structural Aspects of Metal Complexes of Hydrazones
Divya Mohan Synthesis, Structural Characterization And Photophysical Studies of Some Metal Complexes of Heterocyclic Azo Dyes.
Dr Devipriya.V,
Dept of Botany
 Dhanya C. Comparative Systematics of Two Solanaceous Genera
Datura Linn. And Brugmansia Pers.
 Smitha Nair Analysis of Infraspecific Variations in Jasminum sambac
(L.)Ait for Diversity Characterization
Regy Yohannan A Comprehensive Systematic Study of the Genus Jasminum L. from Kerala
Nirmala Jeyarani Molecular Characterization and Screening for Molecular Markers Associated with Essential Oil Production in Selected Members of Jasminum L. from Kerala
Thushara T. Systematic Studies on the Genus Thunbergia Retz. From Kerala
Atheena Suseelan Systematic Studies on the Genus Spermacoce L. from Kerala
Raji S. Nair Analysis of Interspecific Variations in the Genus Leea D. Royen ex L. from Kerala
Dr A.S Rakhee,
Dept of Psychology
Anitha Kumari Psycho-Social Problems of Deaf Adolescents
Mili M. Personality Style and Depression among Type II Diabetes Patients
Kalarani K.S. Psychosocial Correlates of Parenting Stress in Mothers with Autistic Children
Dr A.P Greeshmalatha Sanitha Beevi.A Re-reading of kannikkars in Thiruvananthapuram District-A Quest from Tribalism to Modernity.
Daisin.R Re-reading the works of Sree Narayana Guru and its reflections to the present society.
Dr Swapna Gopinath Julie P.S Mapping Gulf diasporic spaces in Malayalam Cinema.
Shobha S Nair Representing trauma in select works of Hosseini and Rahimi.
Dr Anjana.R Merin Stanley Effect of parenting styles on quality of life, self-esteem and negativism among adolescents.
Sijin K.S Perceived stress, self-esteem and quality of life among children of alcoholics and non-alcoholics: a comparative study.