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Trees of SN College Chempazhanthy:

Polyalthia longifolia (Sonner.) Thw.

Synonym: Uvaria longifolia Sonner.
Family Annonaceae
Local Names: Arannamaram, Telegraph pole tree, Cemetery tree

Flowering and fruiting: March – August

Distribution: Native of Sri Lanka, introduced to many tropical countries

Habitat: Grown as ornamental tree

Uses: Ornamental, hedge plant, avenue plant, bowl carving.

Key Characters: Polyalthia longifolia are tall trees; crown conical, grayish-brown; young branches spreading, pendulous. Leaves simple, alternate, distichous, estipulate; lamina lanceolate; margin entire, shining above and dull beneath. Flowers bisexual, green; numerous, in umbels or fascicles at the axis of fallen leaves; sepals 3; petals 6 (3+3), linear, broad at base; stamens numerous; carpels many; ovule one. Fruit aggregate of berries.