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Caryota urens L.
ചുണ്ടപ്പന, ഒലട്ടി

Synonym: No synonyms are recorded for this name
Sub Family Arecaceae
Local Names: Chundapanna, Olatti, Elephant's palm, Jaggery Palm

Flowering and fruiting period: January – April

Distribution: Indo-Malesia

Habitat: Evergreen forests, also in the plains

Uses: The fibres are manufactured into ropes, brushes, brooms, baskets. From the pith a good variety of "sago" is obtained which is highly nutritious. Toddy is also obtained from this palm. Terminal bud is edible.

Key Characters: Monoecious stout tall palms, trunk smooth with prominent annular leaf-scars. Leaves bipinnate. Spadix interfoliar, shortly peduncled, pendulous; spathes few. Flowers many, in triads with female flower in the middle. Sepals 3, rounded, imbricate. Petals linear-oblong, valvate. Stamens many. Ovary 3-celled, 3-gonous; ovule 1-per locule. Fruit globose, reddish purple; seeds planoconvex, subreni form.