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Code of Conduct


Leave Rules

  • The leave rules of the administrative staff members are as per the Kerala Service Rules (KSR)
  • Non-teaching staff employed in the administrative section is eligible for 20 days CasualLeave in one calendar year
  • The library and laboratory staffs are eligible for 15 days CasualLeave in one calendar year.
  • Any staff availing the casual leave facilities should do so with the prior permission of the Principal

General code of conduct

  • Adhere to the Vision and Mission of the Institution imbibing the preaching of SreeNarayana Guru
  • Uphold the values of Gender sensitivity and Environment protection.
  • Every staff employed in the college shall discharge his/her duties efficiently anddiligently and shall conform to the rules and regulations
  • It shall be mandatory for the staff employed in the college to do any workin connection with an examination conducted by the University or other statutory agencies or any college, upon proper intimation by the Principal or Chief Superintendent of Examinations
  • No staff employed in a college shall refrain from his/her duties without priorpermission. In case of sickness or absence on medical ground, a medical certificate tothe satisfaction of the college authorities shall be produced within a week
  • No Staff employed in the college shall engage directly or indirectly in any trade orbusiness
  • No staff employed in the college shall bring or attempt to bring any political or otherinfluence on his/her superior authority in respect of his/her individual service interests