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Department of Psychology

Department Psychology

The department was established in 1977. There are five faculty members in the department and all of them have Ph D qualification. Three of them are recognized research guides of the University of Kerala. The department conducts the B.Sc degree course in Psychology. A counseling centre functions in the department. Recently the department established collaboration with HLL Life Care Ltd, Aakkulam. The department already has collaboration with State Institute of Mentally Handicapped and State Mental Health Centre.

List of Rank Holders

2023 Rank Holders Rank Holders

Hanan Abdul Rahim. - First Rank

Vismaya D - Third Rank
2021 Rank Holders Rank Holders

Athira V. - First Rank

Silpa S. - Second Rank
2020 Rank Holders  

Vaishnavi Ramachandran - First Rank

2018 Rank Holders  

Summayya Subair - Second Rank

2017 Rank Holders  

Greeshma K. - First Rank

2016 Rank Holders  

Aswantia A.S. - Second Rank

2014 Rank Holders  

Abhilash V.L. First Rank

2013 Rank Holders Rank Holders

Aiswarya S. - Second Rank

Preethi R.S. - Third Rank
2012 Rank Holders Rank Holders

Shilpa Balagangadharan - Second Rank

Arya K.S. - Third Rank
2008 Rank Holders  

Leena S.T. - First Rank

2007 Rank Holders  
Ancy Sara Mathew - Third Rank  
2003 Rank Holders  

Pramod S.K. - First Rank