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Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The Parent Teacher Association was inaugurated in this college in 1986-87 with the Principal as its President. The PTA aspires for co-. operation and participation of parents in full measure in the all round development of the college. Parental co-operation in creating a healthy campus atmosphere is of utmost importance. An active PTA functions in the college with a Teacher Secretary and a Parent Vice President. An Executive Committee of eight members and a general body consisting of all parents and teachers meet occasionally for the healthy and peaceful functioning of the college.

The PTA has been playing an active and important role in the growth and development of the college. It has, inter-alia, been providing basic amenities like pure drinking water; transportation for students and staff;
developing infra-structural facilities; supporting financially poor and backward students; encouraging meritorious pupils; supporting sporting activities, distribution of free mid-day meals on all the working days to
more than 100 poor students, distribution of study materials to needy students, and improving the general ambience of the college with an attractive Garden. The financial burden of several academic and other
activities were also borne by the PTA.

Major academic activities sponsored by PTA during 2015-16

  • PTA fund was utilized for the general maintenance of buildings as the college was gearing up for NAAC peer team visit.
  • Sign boards and display boards were erected at appropriate locations in the campus.
  • The old closets in girls’ toilet were replaced by new ones.
  • A water purifier was installed to supply pure drinking water to all.
  •  Inter-lock bricks were paved in front of the main building.
  • Public address system was fixed.
  • Maintenance of College bus and it is service was financed.
  • Maintenance and repairs of computers in all depts.
  • Construction of cubicle in Botany dept.
  • Painting of Chemistry laboratory work benches and shelves.
  • Floor tiling, painting & false roofing of depts. of Hindi, Politics & Economics.
  • Purchase of microscope for Zoology dept
  • Purchased Almirah& chairs for several depts.
  • Merit awards were given away to meritorious students on Merit Day.
  • Arranged and financed spoken English classes.
  • Distributed ID cards to all teachers & students.
  • Paid rent for boys hostel.
  • Paid salary for all guest faculty and supporting staff.
  • Made all arrangements for pilgrims during Sivagiri Theerthadanam.
  • PTA took up all expenses related to NAAC peer team visit at the end of the academic year.

Major academic activities sponsored by PTA during 2014-15

EXHIBITIONS: The following exhibitons were organized in the college with the financial support of PTA as part of Golden Jubilee Celebrations.
  • Ecospiritus – an exhibition on money & banking by the Department of Economics.
  • An exhibition on “Animal Diversity” by the Department of Zoology on 17th Oct 2014.
  • La Tierra – an exhibition on Earth Sciences, by the Department of Geology on 5th Nov 2014
  • An exhibition on Plant Science Research and Homestead Farming by the Department of Botany on 28th Nov 2014.
  • All Chemie – an exhibition on “Chemistry for all” by the Department of Chemistry 26th & 27th March 2015.
  • Demographic Trends- an exhibition on Population Studies by the Department of Sociology.
  • A Book Exhibition in the college library on Reading Day.
  • Film Expo - An exhibition on ‘Indian Cinema’ by the Department of English.
  • Space Exhibition – An exhibition on ‘India in Space’ by the Department of Physics and VSSC.

SPECTRUM: The annual multi-disciplinary seminar series SPECTRUM is organized every year with the financial assistance of PTA.
Spectrum-2015 was organized between 2nd and 12th March 2015 with the financial assistance of Kerala State Council for Science Engineering and Technology (KSCSTE) and Parent Teacher Association of the college. There were 18 invited lectures on selected themes by each department. A total of 93 papers were presented by our students in this seminar.

The PTA Executive committee for 2016-17

President: Teacher Executives:
Principal, SN College Chempazhanthy Dr. G.Sreenivasan
  Dr.Ajith P.V
Vice President: Dr. Reena Ravindran
Sri. A. Baiju Kumar Smt. Lakshmi A.J
Secretary: Parent Executives:
Dr. Soju.S Sri. D. Vijayakumar
  Sri Rajan.S
  Sri Amrithlal Roy.V

Social Service and Extension Activities Gallery

Extension activity at SN College Varkala - 2015

Activities Science club

Nature / Eco Club 2014-15

Activities of Sree Narayana Study centre 2014-15

Social Service and Extension Activities Gallery

Team of teachers and students involved in Water Analysis - A social extension activity of the Science Club and Department of Chemistry

Seminar on HEALTH AND HYGIENE,organised by Health Club on 30/10/2014