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Principal, SN College Chempazhanthy


Principal, S.N. College Chempazhanthy, Thiruvananthapuram

I have great pleasure in expressing my wishes as the Principal of Sree Narayana College, Chempazhanthy, founded by Sree Narayana Trusts and inaugurated by Sri. R.Sankar, the founder manager of S.N Colleges and former Chief Minister of Kerala.

Located in the birth place of Sree Narayana Guru, the great social reformer and seer, our college has completed fifty years of exemplary services in the field of higher education. Our effort is to impart value based education to the students belonging to different strata of society and ensuring a dynamic, creative, vibrant and future oriented campus. With the support of qualified, dedicated and hardworking faculty, our college has achieved enviable ranking in academic and extracurricular areas.

We ensure all-round development of our students through participation in co-curricular activities including Games & Sports, NCC, NSS, Debates, Quiz etc. to enhance student's creativity and inculcate leadership quality in them. The college is focused on its vision and the strategies for carrying it out for the socio-economic development of the student community of our college.

We are now on the path of Second Cycle NAAC Re-accreditation. I express my deep sense of gratitude to all my predecessors who have worked tirelessly for making our college in great prosperity. I solicit the cooperation and support of stake holders including authorities, teaching and non-teaching faculty, students, parents, alumni and all other well wishers.

Dr. L.Thulaseedharan

Name Year
1. Prof. T.C. Rajan 20-07-1964 to 16-06-1966
2. Prof. Jaganatha Panicker 01-07-1966 to 30-08-1968
3. Prof. P.S.Velayudhan 01-09-1968 to 31-05-1970
4. Prof. K.Velayudhan Nayar 01-09-1970 to 31-05-1971
5. Prof. K.Karunakaran 08-06-1971 to 31-05-1972
6. Prof. P.S.Sathyadas 01-06-1972 to 31-05-1978
7. Prof. K.Karunakaran 01-06-1978 to 07-09-1982
8. Prof. S.K.Rajagopal 07-01-1982 to 30-09-1983
9. Prof. E.C.Vasantha Kumari 26-11-1983 to 15-04-1985
10. Prof. N.Sathy 04-10-1985 to 31-03-1989
11. Prof. A. Ramabai 18-09-1989 to 10-07-1992
12. Prof. L. Suresh Babu 10-07-1992 to 31-03-1993
13. Prof. N.A. Das 31-03-1993 to 30-03-1995
14. Prof. K. Sasikumar 31-03-1995 to 20-09-1997
15. Prof. M.S. Prasanna 25-03-1998 to 08-06-1998
16. Dr. P.K. Peethambaran 06-03-1999 to 31-03-1999
17. Prof. M.R. Sahridayan Thampi 23-06-1999 to 31-05-2003
18. Dr. R. Jayaprakash 01-06-2003 to 15-04-2004
19. Prof. V.S Lee 31-05-2004 to 21-05-2007
20. Dr. C. Mohan Sreekumar 21-05-2007 to 14-05-2009
21. Dr. M Jeevan Lal 14-05-2009 to 30-05-2011
22. Dr. A.Sushamadevi 31-05-2011 to 16-05-2012 
23. Dr. B.Suresh Kumar 25-06-2012 to 30-04-2013
Prof. (Dr.) M. Devakumar 01-07-2013 to 31-03-2014
Dr. L. Thulaseedharan 01-06-2014 to onwards