Department Gallery

Gallery 2021-22

Invited talk on “Career with Physics” by Dr. Jijo P Ulahannan

Online PTA meeting of S5 students

Handing over a Smartphone to our III DC student Aswathi as a part of Gurukarunyam Padhathi

Painting done by our students on department wall

Spectrum seminar organized by the department - Invited talk on “X-ray diffraction elements” by Dr. Subodh. G on 20-12-2021

Gallery 2020-21

Webinar on Astronomy - Evolution and Methods by Dr. Prince P R on 28-09-2020

Spectrum Seminar organized by the department. Webinar on “Some Puzzles and Paradox in Physics” by Dr. N Shaji on 15-02-2021

Felicitating our II DC student Saranya Chandran - who have participated 72 nd Republic Day Parade at Delhi, with a memento by the Principal

Handing over a smartphone to our III DC student Praveena B from the department

Spectrum seminar organized by the department on 10-1-2020. Invited talk on “The science of Metamaterials and Invisibility” by Dr. Sreenadh S.

Onam Celebrations

Swathi Krishna B.S (topper of 2017-20 batch) receiving cash prize on the Merit day of the College

National Science Day 2020 celebrations

Gallery 2018-19

Spectrum seminar organized by the department- Invited talk on “Applications of Nano Technology in future” by Dr. Vidhya S on 1-3-2019

Lab section of our department as a part of Sasthrajalakam program of Govt. of Kerala

National Science Day 2018 celebrations

Gallery 2017-18

Commemoration of Stephen Hawking on 23-3-2018

Gallery 2015-16

Spectrum 2015