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Common course – Additional Language – Hindi


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Course title

Course outcomes

I (BA/B.Sc.)

HN 1111.1

Prose and One Act Plays

CO 1: Familiarize different prose forms.
CO 2: To understand the features of One Act Plays.
CO 3: To understand the difference between Drama & One Act Plays

I (B.Com)

HN 1111.2

Prose, Commercial Hindi and Letter Writing

CO 1: To understand and appreciate Hindi Prose.
CO 2: To enrich the knowledge of commercial letter writing and the forms and styles of other letters.

II (BA/B.Sc.)

HN 1211.1

Novel and Short Story

CO 1: To understand the distinct features of Hindi Novels.
CO 2: Identify the difference between Novel and Short story.
CO 3: Familiarize famous Novelists and short story writers

II (B.Com)

HN 1211.2

Poetry, Translation and Technical Terminology

CO 1: To sensitize the aesthetics of literary appreciation and to introduce Hindi Poetry.
CO 2: To gain communication skills in Hindi and English through Translation.
CO 3: To familiarize the Technical terms used in offices.

III (BA/B.Sc.)

HN 1311.1

Poetry and Grammar

CO 1: To introduce ancient and modern Hindi poetry.
CO2: To sensitize the aesthetic aspects of literary appreciation and analysis
CO 3: To understand the structure and practice of Hindi.
CO 4: To clarify the aspects of ancient and modern poetry

IV (BA/B.Sc.)

HN 1411.1

Drama, Translation and Correspondence

CO 1: Analyze the dramatic elements in literature.
CO 2: To understand the distinct features of Hindi Drama.
CO 3: To understand the process of translation and the qualities of translation.
CO 4: To familiarize official correspondence in Hindi