Department courses

Courses offered by Hindi Department for FDP

Sem. No. Course Course Code Course Name Instruction Hours
1 Addi. LangBA/B .Sc Addi. LangB.Com HN1111.1 HN 1111.2 Prose and Grammar Prose Commercial Hindi and Letter Writing 44
2 Addi. LangBA/B .Sc Addi. LangB.Com HN 1211.1 HN 1211.2 Fiction, Creative Writing andCommunication Skills Poetry, Translation, Technical Terminology and Communication 4 5
3 Addi. LangBA/B .Sc HN 1311.1 Drama, One Act Plays, Translation 5
4 Addi. LangBA/B .Sc HN1411.1 Poetry, Long Poems and Culture 5