Course Outcome

BA Economics


Course code

Course title

Course outcomes

I (core)


Introductory Microeconomics

CO 1 – Develops a conceptual foundation and analytical methods used in Microeconomics

I (compl)

EC 1131

Foundations of Economic theory

CO 1 – Provides a basic understanding of economic concepts and theories

II (core)

EC 1241

Intermediate Microeconomics

CO 1 – Gives a basic understanding of Microeconomics

II (compl)

EC 1231

Money and Banking

CO 1 – Provides a basic understanding about the nature and significance of money and banking in the functioning of an economy

III (core)

EC 1321

Informatics for Applied Econometrics

CO 1 – Familiarizes the students with a plethora of online resources to improve teaching-learning experience
CO 2 – Helps students to utilize web resources to enhance their career and academics
CO 3 – Enables students to conduct and criticize empirical studies in economics and related fields

III (core)

EC 1341

Introductory Macro Economics

CO 1 – Introduces the students to Macroeconomics
CO2 – Students get an in depth introduction to Keynesian theory and ISLM analysis

III (compl)

EC 1331

Introduction to International trade and Public Economics

CO 1 – Inculcates the students the significance of public finance in the context of increasing role of Government
CO 2 – Also provides the basic theoretical framework of budgetary mechanism in India, State activities and various aspects of international trade

IV (core)

EC 1441

Mathematical Methods for Economics

CO 1 – Provides students an insight into the importance of mathematical methods in Economics
CO 2 – Familiarizes students with the basic mathematical techniques used in economic analysis

IV (core)

EC 1442

Intermediate Macro Economics

CO 1 – Introduces students to the micro foundations of macroeconomics, inflation and unemployment, economic growth and fiscal and monetary policies in an open economy

IV (compl)

EC 1431

Indian Economy since Independence

CO 1 – Provides basic understanding of the Indian economy
CO 2 – Familiarizes the students about the various concepts of National Income and create awareness about the significance of agriculture, industry and service sector in the Economy

V (core)

EC 1541

Methodology and Perspectives of Social Science

CO 1 – Familiarizes the students with the broad contours of Social Sciences, specifically Economics and its methodologies, tools and analysis procedures
CO 2 – Creates an enthusiasm among students, incorporating various concepts and issues in economics

V (core)

EC 1542

Statistical Methods for Economics

CO 1 – Familiarizes the students with statistical tools and techniques and enable them to apply these tools in Economics

V (core)

EC 1543

Readings in Political Economy

CO 1 – Introduces different perspectives of political economy : the perspectives of Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes, etc.

V (core)

EC 1544

Economic Growth and Development

CO 1 – Provides the  basic concepts of economic growth and development and enables students to understand multi-dimensional aspects of developmental issues
CO 2 – Inculcates knowledge about theoretical framework of growth and development under different Schools of economic thoughts
CO 3 – Give awareness about the political institutions, the role of the State in economic development and problems that affect State Governance

V (core)

EC 1545

International Economics

CO 1 – Provides the basic concepts and theories of international trade and enable students to have a basic understanding of the emerging trends, issues and policies in the field of international economic system

V (open course)


Human Resource Management

CO 1 – Provides basis for understanding the significance of human resources in the growth of our economy and society and to learn the ways for integrating human resources management strategies in organizations

VI (core)

EC 1641

Indian Economy

CO 1 – Provides an understanding about growth process in Indian economy, sectoral aspects of the economy by focusing agriculture, industry and service sectors, relations of India with external sector and economic reforms

VI (core)

EC 1642

Banking and Finance

CO 1 – Familiarizes students with the basic concepts in Banking and Finance and develop a comprehensive knowledge on the role of banks in the operation of an economy
CO 2 – Enables students to know the operation of the Indian Financial System and activities in the financial markets

VI (core)

EC 1643

Public Economics

CO 1 – Introduces the subject matter and scope of public economics, role of government, types of market failures and the concept of public good
CO 2 – Provides a general understanding on the basic fiscal policy instruments
CO 3 – Generates awareness on public economics in India, with special focus on budgetary system and fiscal federalism

VI (core)

EC 1644

Environmental Economics and Disaster Management

CO 1 – Creates environmental awareness among students and provides exposure to disaster management

VI (core)

EC 1655.3

Introductory Econometrics

CO 1 – Introduces students to simple and multiple regression methods for analyzing data in economics and related disciplines
CO 2 – Familiarizes with how to conduct and to critique empirical studies in economics and related fields

VI (core)

EC 1645

Project work

CO 1 – Equips students to identify an issue or topic of their interest and conducting a study in a systematic and scientific way, they get the opportunity to apply various tools they learnt, and to present the report in a structured manner