Activities during 2015-16

Environment day Observance

The Sprouting Buddies programme initiated by the department of sociology in 2012 is continued every year and this year also it was observed.  In association with NSS team of the college sociology students engaged themselves in cleaning the campus, maintenance of medicinal plant gardenand plantingnew seed varieties.

Contribution of Department in the College Golden Jubilee Valedictory Function

    SACSHI’s exhibition  played a vital role in illustrating  the evolution and landmarks of the department during the golden jubilee valedictory function of the college
    Samuhyapadam” -A vision to transform & empower the younger generation : SACSHI in association with NSS and department of sociology has launched an intervention program to empower the school students of Sree Narayana Higher secondary School by imparting life skill education. With active participation of stakeholders including parents, teachers and student trainers.
    Offering motivation and support  to students
    First and second Rank holders of the department were awarded with Mementos by the Chief Minister of Kerala Sri.OmmenChandi. SACSHI Golden Jubilee Endowment award (for supporting economically backward students ) was given to Vijila , 3rd year sociology student as cash prize.
  Offering Lunch packets to the needy
Weekly once, as discussed and decided in the department,  students of sociology voluntarily brought extra lunch packet from their home with the intention of donating it to the poor and needy patients admitted in Medical College Trivandrum.  Teaming with NSS volunteers they went to Medical college and handed over the food packets to the needy. The department aspires to continue this new venture in the coming years also.

Initiative towards Blood donation

  On October 1st2015 , an awareness class was conducted for the department students with the vision of motivating them towards blood donation. Dr.Vijitha Rajeev and Dr.Jubeenamade the students conscious about the social and biological  benefits of blood donation and they were also made aware regarding the health prerequisites for donating blood. 
    After one week on Students of the department voluntarily came forward and donated blood joining with NSS in association Sreechitra blood bank

Generating sensitivity towards the elderly

    As a part of observing International elderly day,  on October 1st  2015;  students of the department were made to watch a touching documentary on the issues faced by the elderly. This was followed by a feedback session in which students shared their experience of their grand parents empathizing with their life situations.

SACSHI – the annual alumni meet

  On October 2nd , alumni members of the department held an executive meeting in the college and discussed the action plan regarding the conduct of the SACSHI day on second Saturday of the month.  The recently passed out students joined the current batches  and NSS in observing ‘Sevanavaram”.
    On October 10thSASCHI alumni meeting for the year 2015 was held. Celebrated poet Ezhachery Ramachandran inaugurated the function. Retd teachers of the department, Dr.RKasturi and Dr.BJayasree shared their memories with the old student batches.  Rank holders were endowed with mementos. Executive committee was reconstituted and future action plans were discussed.
Association inauguration
  Department of Sociology together with the Alumni association ‘’SACSHI”, organized the inauguration of Sociology Association for the year 2015-2016 on Thursday, 6th November 2015 at the Seminar Hall from 10:30 am to 11:30 am.  In connotation, Dr. S. Faizi (Internationally renowned Environmentalist) graced the function with his talk on the topic: Sociological Dimensions of Environmental Protection”.Also, the departmental magazine “Sopanam” for the year 2015 was released on the occasion.
Participation in Kerala Sociological Conference 2015
  Selected students from the department were identified and they were taken to Loyola College of Social Science, Thiruvanathapuram in order to participate in the KSS conference 2015. Head of the Department, Dr.UtharaSoman chaired an academic session during the conference.
Life skill education
  During the 2nd week of January 2016 as a part of “Samoohyapaadam” project, selected students from 3rd year sociology accompanied by a teacher, went to Sree Narayana Higher Secondary School and collected data from VIIth and IXth students in order to measure their life skill dimensions

Activities during 2014-15

UGC Sponsored National Seminar
The Department of Sociology successfully conducted  two day U.G.C sponsored National Seminar on the theme Women, media and ICT: Potentialities and Insecurities,  in collaboration  with the Kerala Women’s Commission on  October 16 & 17, 2014.  Dr (Prof.) P.K.B Nayar (Eminent Sociologist and Chairman, Centre for Gerentological Studies) was honoured during the function for achieving Vayosreshta Samman 2014. In addition to the inaugural and valedictory sessions, there were five academic sessions in the national seminar. More than 150 delegates participated in the seminar. Altogether 17 papers were presented in the seminar.
Association inauguration:
Sociology Association for the year 2014-2015 was inaugurated on Thursday, 10th July 2014. Dr. M. K. Prasad (Well-known Environmentalist and former Pro-Vice Chancellor, Calicut University) inaugurated and graced the function with his talk on the topic: “Knowing Environment: To survive and sustain”. Also, our departmental magazine “Jyothirgamaya” for the year 2014 was released on the occasion.
Observance of commemorative days:
Anti narcotic day : In connection with the observance of anti-narcotic day, (June 26th ) department of sociology in association with NSS Unit of the college organized campaigning and oath taking sessions in the campus from 11.00 am to 12.00 p.m.  Interested students from other departments also participated.
Environment day : The Sprouting Buddies programme initiated by the department of sociology in 2012 is continued every year and this year also it was observed.  Each student of the department found his or her friend using lottery method and gifted him or her with seedlings of any vegetable of their choice as a token of their friendship on that day. To promote greenery in the campus seedlings were also planted in various locations inside the campus by the students and teachers.
Population day: In connection with the observance of world population day (July 11th)  the department of sociology organized a poster exhibition at Room No.40.  The exhibition portrayed current demographic trends as well as the hazards of population explosion. The exhibition was inaugurated by our respected principal Dr.L.Thulasidharan.  Students and teachers from different departments visited the exhibition.
Hiroshima day :In association with NSS unit, the department of sociology observed Hiroshima day on August 6th 2015. The program was inaugurated by Dr.K.Prakash (State Liason Officer, NSS University of Kerala). A power point presentation on ‘Disasters in Hiroshama during second world war’ was also presented.
Old age day: In connection with the observance of INTERNATIONAL ELDERLY DAY, (October 1st) Department of Sociology in association with SACSHI (Alumni association of sociology department) and NSS unit of the College  organized  a program on October 1st  from 2.00 pm to 3.30 p.m. at the Seminar Hall. The program presided by our respected Principal, Dr.L.Thulaseedharan, honoured a few elderly persons of our society. This was followed by  motivational videos and expert talk on “Old age Homes” by  Mr.Shibu S (Research Scholar, conducting research on Elderly under University of Kerala)
Seminar on Child Rights Sensitization
CHILD LINE – Thiruvananthapuram (under the ministry of women and child development, Govt. Of India) in association with Department of Sociology conducted a seminar on Child rights  sensitization on August 1st 2014 at Room No.63 from 10.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.  A few students of sociology came forward to function as volunteers for the organization. 
Sociology Alumni Co-ordination Society for Humanity Improvement, the alumni association of the department of sociology had their annual meeting on October 2nd 2014.  Our Principal Dr.L.Thulaseedharan inaugurated the function. This was followed by an Invited lecture on “Building skills for healthy social relations” by Sri. Amar Rajan (Psychologist and Director, Mind Carter) The function was graced with the presence of pioneers of the department of sociology Dr.K.B Thankamani, Dr.R.Kasthuri, Dr.K.Usha, and Dr.B.Jayasree. Old students of the department felt happy to see their fellow colleagues once again.  One or more representative from every batch warmly shared their nostalgic memories. The executive committee of SACSHI was reconstituted and action plans were reorganized.  
Orientation session  by Shri.Bhrama Nayakam
Department of sociology arranged an orientation session by Shri.Bhrama Nayakam on October 15th 2014 to orient   the  student volunteers about their duties and responsibilities during the National seminar. 
Short film presentation (AIDS day observance)
The department in collaboration with Prasad Film academy organized a short film presention on AIDS on November 10th  at College Seminar Hall. It gave a good social awareness among the students about the disease and its victims.
Initiatives For Career Guidance And Job Placement
The Alumni Association of Dept. of Sociology SACSHI (Sociology Alumni Coordination Society for Human Improvement) in association with the College Career Guidance and Counselling Cell extended job recruitment initiatives by WHIRLPOOL and CONSCIENCE. Interview by Whirlpool was conducted on Friday, 11th July 2014 at College Seminar Hall.  After the interview six students were selected from different departments;  training and grooming sessions were extended to them and they were absorbed by the company.     
Participation in Seminars
The 3rd year students of the department with faculty Smt. Lekha N B attended the seminar on  ‘Adivasis’ on August 5th  2014 at Loyola College of Social Science. Smt. C.K.Janu was the chief guest of the seminar and students of the department interacted with her and shared their views regarding ‘Adivasis’ and their problems.
Support to ‘Nillpu Samaram’
The 5th semester students of the department visited the adivasi  protestors in front of the secretariat  and offered their full support for  ‘Nilpu Samaram’.
Kerala Women’s Commission workshop attended
Smt.Aiswarya A S and the first year student of department attended a workshop organized by ‘Kerala Women’s Commission’ on Women and Media  on 7th November 2014.  Ajitha Beegum IPS gave a talk on ‘Legal Rights of Women’.
‘Sandeshone’ by The Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation Ltd.

Dr. Uthara soman and the third year students participated the inauguration ceremony of ‘Sandeshone’ organized by the Kerala State Women’s Development corporation  on 12th January 2015. It was new venture by the government for the empowerment of women.

Self study reports by students
Students of the department submitted self study reports regarding our institution. The topics were as follows:
  • The problems faced by the sports students of the College
  • Hostel Facility in the college
  • Sanitation and Cleanliness of the college
  • Use of Drugs in the Campus
  • Usage of mobile phone and its impact on students
Achievements in Sports
35th National Games Winners:
Anjitha  T P grabbed Gold Medal for Individual Pursuit cycling.
Krishnedu T Krishna got Silver Medal for Road Time Trail for cycling.
Tinu Maria Tomy participated in cycling.
Tinu Maria Tomy  got Bronze Medal in Mass Start Road Championship at Karnataka
Amala Vinod  got two Gold for Point rule and Team Pursuit for Track National Championship at Kerala
Krishnadas Manoj  won gold medal for mass start for Track National Championship at  Kerala
Tinu Mariya Tomy, Amala Vinod, Krishnadas Manoj and Akhil A S , participated in the All India Inter University competition.

Activities during 2013-14

Class-wise PTA meetings were conducted in all semesters and parents attended the meeting. Progress achieved by the students and their weak areas were discussed.
Department Level Monitoring Committee Meetings for the FDP students were also conducted during this period to discuss the academic matters. The committee could effectively do the online enrollment and semester registration of the students. The committee could do the internal examinations and prepare the CE sheets in time. Committee analysed the semester results also during meetings.
The Faculty also participated in the University Examinations as Chairman/ Chief Examiner/ Additional Examiner.
Sociology Association Inauguration
Inauguration Ceremony of the Sociological Association of the S.N. College Chempazhanthy was held on 5 July 2013. The programe was inaugurated by Principal Dr. M. Devakumar and Dr. Krishnan Sivasubramoney, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Medical College, Thiruvananathapuram delivered a talk on 'Youth and Mental Health'.
Observance of Special Days
On 27 June 2013 students of the department observed the Anti- Narcotics Day. The slogan and captions brought up by the students during the poster competition on anti narcotics awareness program expressed the thoughtfulness and positive vision in demolishing such a dangerous social malice.

First, Second and Third year students of the Sociology were made to assemble at the college Seminar Hall and a Quiz Program was conducted on July 11 2013 based on National and International demographic trends as a part of the observance of World Population Day.
Sociology Alumni Co-ordination Society for Humanity Improvement, the alumni association of the Department of Sociology had their annual meeting on 2 October 2013. The function was graced with the presence of pioneers of the Department Dr. K.B. Thankamani, Dr. R. Kasthuri, Dr. K. Usha and Dr. B. Jayasree. Old students of the department felt happy to see their fellow colleagues once again. One or more representative from every batch warmly shared their nostalgic memories. The executive committee of SACSHI was reconstituted and action plans were reorganized.
Release of Departmental Magazine
The departmental magazine 'Shrishti' was released by Principal Dr. Devakumar during the inauguration of the Sociology Association. The magazine provides a room to express the creative talents of Sociology students.
Participation in Spectrum Seminar Series
As a part of the seminar series 'SPECTRUM - 2014'organized by the college, the Department of Sociology was graced with the presence of Dr. Antony Palakkal, Associate Professor, Loyola College, Trivandurm who delivered a talk on 'Theoretical Concerns in Social Research'. Eight students from the third year also presented papers in the seminar on various topics.
Blood Donation by Students
Occasionally, boys and girl students of the Department voluntarily go to RCC, Medical College and Community Health Centres to donate Blood.